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Walkers Mighty Lights - The perfect crisp sandwich

So we all know about my sordid and dirty love affair with crisps. I would pick crisps over chocolate every time and my family know better than to touch MY crisps. They are my go to snack, and lets be honest; a share bag is rarely shared.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty and talk flavours. As a child I was all about the prawn cocktail, I couldn't get enough. My mum used to buy the big multi-packs to go into packed lunches and the two packets of prawn cocktail barely lasted an hour after purchase.

Weirdly I can't stand prawn cocktail these days, far too sweet. My adult palate has adapted and I am all about the cheese and onion these days. Give me a back of walkers cheese and onion and two slices of bread and I am in crisp-sandwich heaven!

For the optimal crisp sandwich you need the most basic of white bread, slathered in butter, a liberal sprinkling of crisps and you are good to go. The most important step in creating the perfect crisp sandwich is the smoosh (a technical term). Simply push down with a flattened palm onto the sandwich, this breaks the crisps into smaller, more manageable pieces and stops too many falling out when eating.

These Mighty Lights are actually really tasty. I am always a little wary of "diet" or "low fat" crisps as there is always the danger of losing flavour and texture along with the calories but these seem to find a good balance. They are ridged like the Walkers Baked variety but are not as thick or crunchy (much better for crisp sandwich purposes).

Mighty Lights have 30% less fat than regular crisps with all of the taste, they'd make a great addition to my lunch box.

Mighty Lights are available from all major supermarkets at around £1.90 for a pack of 6.

They are available in 3 flavours; Lightly Salted, Roast Chicken and Cheese and Onion. The cheese and onion were the clear favourite in our house. The "lightly" salted were in fact incredible salty and neither of us enjoyed them. I would definitely buy the cheese and onion variety again.

Are you partial to a crisp sandwich? What is your guilty pleasure food?

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