Nelly Elliott

Newcastle based person, she/her, mama, creative, colourful, caffeinated, plus-size fashion lover, lefty feminist killjoy #funbutmakeitfashion


01 Life's short. Talk fast

Hey, long time no see! No doubt you assumed I had abandoned my little corner of the internet. In truth I kind of thought I had too. Life got busy, things got stressful and this took a backseat, heck it got shoved in the boot, or got dumped by the side of the road somewhere between there and he…

Meal Plan Like a Boss - 22 July 2019

I really need to create a new meal plan image now I am vegan, that haloumi is taunting me Oh hey! Long time no see! I am long overdue a bit of a life update around here, and it is coming - along with a buttload of posts. I must be having my annual burst of inspiration. I am also working on a litt…