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A Wild Rumpus Rave at Alnwick Playhouse.

When it comes to toddler activities, it is rare to find something that parents enjoy as much as the toddler (if not more), which is why I am absolutely in love with what Chalk are doing in the North East right now. Baby raves and themed events which are reasonably priced and SUPER FUN! I have been to a few of their events now from a Bowie themed space rave to a 1950s back to the future inspired under the sea dance; complete with a live band. These are not your average kid events and it is rare to find things that the entire family will enjoy.

The most recent event was in partnership with Alnwick Playhouse, which is a fantastic venue. The Playhouse has a fantastic arts programme for families with children under 10 called Creative Cocoon. They run all sorts of events and groups for families including regular creative toddler groups, art workshops based around childrens books and interactive performances and seasonal events (the Christmas events look amazing! Dr Seuss Winter Wonderland anyone?) The events they run are so welcoming and inclusive, with a slightly different approach to most regular baby & toddler groups. I wish I lived a bit closer as they'd never be rid of me!

We went along for a full day, which started with crafting outlandish outfits, creating masks and unleashing our inner Wild Things! There was storytelling, music making and wonderment. which culminated in us cracking out our picnic lunch to watch the rumpus unfold with a screening of Where The Wild Things Are. Zoe loved the crafts and colouring in the giant colouring wall, although getting her to sit for a movie was a challenge, so we ducked out into the wonderful Alnwick Playhouse Cafe for a coffee and delicious homemade scone (smoked cheese and roasted vegetable, incredible).

The afternoon session was a Wild Rumpus themed rave. We Stomped, danced and drummed along to the live DJ featuring music from the film (Karen O and The Kids). There was also bubble machine, hula hooping, inflatables and projections. It was absolute bedlam but in the best possible way. Zoe danced her socks off and promptly fell asleep 40 minutes into the rave (thank goodness for slings). If you are local to the North East and fancy checking out future Chalk events, give them a like on facebook and subscribe to their events.

Here are a few photos of the day;

A bit different than your average toddler group or trip to the seventh circle of hell softplay. Have you been to any different or unusual kids events recently? I am always on the look out for new things to do.

Disclaimer: I was invited along to this event, however, all thoughts and views are my own


  1. Hari OM
    Ahoy Cap'n Zoe - I'sa luvin yer sailin' ship!!! ...that really does look super fun... YAM xx

  2. This sounds great. I've not been to the playhouse but that dr suess Xmas event sounds awesome. We LOVE chalk events here. Fab events. Pleased you guys had fun. Yay for slings.

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