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Fluffy Maple Pancakes - The perfect family breakfast.

Pancakes are the ultimate treat breakfast in my house, reserved for birthdays and special occasions. I mean if it was up to me I'd make them all the damn time, I am fairly certain I could meal plan a full week based on pancakes alone. However, I am a firm believer that too much of a good thing can spoil it, plus I love how excited Zoe gets at the mention of pancakes.

I am usually a pretty traditional lemon and sugar type of gal on the crepe-style pancakes, however if there is maple syrup in the equation then it HAS to be fluffy American style pancakes. You need the thickness to soak up all that delicious syrup.

We were staying with my Auntie last weekend down in Suffolk, and she had been given some maple syrup by some Canadian friends, so I offered to make pancakes for everyone, with either bacon or strawberries. I didn't think Zoe would like the smoked bacon, which is why we had some strawberries, but honestly it was nice to start with the savoury bacon and end with the strawberry - sort of like breakfast dessert! Not that there were many strawberries left once Zoe had clocked them.

I don't have a dining table at home, so being away at a house with a dining room was a bit of a treat. I used to LOVE weekend breakfasts as a kid, we would lay out lots of cereal and toast and toppings, tea and coffee and juice. It felt like a real treat - parents reading the paper, and just time to chat and relax as a family. One day I would love to live somewhere with room for a dining table and recreate this moment with my family.

Its so funny the things you remember as a kid, I am sure my parents didn't think those breakfasts would stick in my mind so much. I do wonder which moments Zoe is going to remember as an adult.

So, to the recipe;


this recipe served 3 adults and one toddler, made around 8 pancakes

280g Plain Flour
1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
45g Caster Sugar
2.5 tablespoon (plus extra for serving) Maple Syrup
250ml milk (you can use any type of milk, I opted for semi-skimmed, but have made them with Almond and Hazelnut before)
2 Free Range Eggs
30g Butter, Melted
small amount for frying Oil or butter

1. This is really just a chuck it all in a bowl and whisk kind of recipe, I tend to measure out all of the wet then add the dry to it, but honestly as long as you whisk all the lumps out, go wild.

2. You need a good non stick frying pan, warm up some oil or butter (your choice, coconut oil is nice) and ladle mixture into the pan, tip the pan a little to allow the mixture to spread. I find for the thicker pancakes, cooking at a lower temperature for longer works best. I have a gas hob at home, but found the electric at my aunties house MUCH better for this - low and slow.

3. Repeat step two until all the mixture is gone, and serve with whatever toppings you like!

What toppings do you like on your pancakes? I am partial to warm caramelised banana or Nutella for sure. I am always looking for ideas though.


  1. Hari OM
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I quite understand those childhood weekend brekkies memories and I have no doubt your littlie will have similar. I sometimes put powdered cinnamon and cardamom into my pancake mix, then use coconut cream and fresh lime to top - a bit of fresh pineapple on the side adds to the tropical taste. Mostly though, plain cakes and drizzle of honey and lemon is all that is required!!! YAM xx


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