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Dipping my toe into the world of fashion blog for a second today to talk about my new obsession. Monki.

This is in no way a sponsored post, I just love this brand

I came across Monki on Instagram when I started seeing plus size bloggers and some of my style inspiration accounts wearing some really cool pieces, its not often you find a plus size brand doing such unique things. However I soon discovered they weren't a new cool plus size brand, but a brand who do a lot of 'oversize' pieces. While I do sort of hate that the only way I fit into a lot of these clothes is that they are mean't be be worn oversize, I do love the vibe of the brand and cannot get enough of the bold patterns and colours. Really really hoping they respond to the number of plus babes calling for a plus size collection or extending their sizes to include plus size across the store!

Monki is part of the H&M group, but unlike H&M the sizes are actually really realistic and generous, not just the overize items. A lot of the L and XL items are a size 18-22 which is really refreshing in the world of high street brands.

I bought a couple of pieces online back in Autumn and absolutely loved them, although I was a but nervous about branching out without trying stuff on, as I absolutely hate online returns with a passion. So, on a recent trip to Glasgow for a Punky Mums Meet Up I took the opportunity to nip into the recently opened store.

I was in absolute heaven.

I didn't have loads of time as we had to get back on the road to Newcastle and everyone was suffering with hangovers from the night before, but I grabbed everything I could and headed for the changing rooms. While there were quite a few things that didn't fit or look right on me, I did find some gems which I would never have dared to buy online, like this mustard polka dot shirt dress, which is a firm favourite for my work wardrobe. I also bought the orange sweater above and honestly kind of wished I'd splurged on the leopard jumper too.

Have you tried Monki?

Three of my favourite pieces I wear a lot

A little bit about this new feature;

What is Mum Style I hear you ask? Well, becoming a mother is a really weird time, you sort of lose your sense of self in the beginning and it can be quite hard to get back to the person you were before, or even find time to think about your own appearance. I mean we've all been that mum at softplay in old jeans and a hoody with your kid dressed like a tiny Boden model right? No just me?

I have really tried recently to make time for me, now Zoe is a bit older I am making time for self care, and feel like rather than getting back to who I was before I am this new improved me, with a cool little sidekick.

So, hence my foray into fashion blogging, I hope you'll forgive the detour and appreciate me learning to love myself a little, and hopefully it might inspire you a little too. Remember self care is never selfish, you can't pour from an empty cup.


  1. Really loved reading this - have worn my pj vests too many times and feel inspired to make an effort just not sure how - bought some Lucy and yak dungarees today but nervous about that too! Lol

  2. I’m obsessed with monki, so many great pieces and I love the sizing. Love that polka dot dress on you!!!

  3. hari Om
    What a bright and beautiful post...but wait! You came to Glasgow??! hoots mon... I've not heard of Monki, but I do like that polkdot yellow shirt and it looks fine on you. As does that pink stripe - very flattering.Well done for looking after you. YAM xx

  4. I'd not heard of Monki and would never shop in H&M for myself but will pop in and have a look now as you look fab! x

  5. I really hope they open a Newcastle store soon, I never buy from H&M for myself (their kids clothes are amazing) as the sizing is just so ridiculous even in the plus size bit.

  6. I was in Glasgow! Just for one night though sadly. Is that close to you? Its a beautiful city.

  7. ... not so close for a single night - about a 40minute drive to the ferry then 20minutes on the water... &*> Yxx


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