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Family Memories with Cheerz (plus a discount code!)

It was my birthday last week, birthdays and anniversary's always make me a bit nostalgic, thinking back to childhood parties and memorable presents. Its funny how memories work, I have vivid memories of my 4th birthday but after that I feel like my memories are based on photos I have seen of cakes and tearing through gift wrap. Photos are such a big part of childhood memories, I don't have many photos of my mum and its something I really wish I had more of. I try to take lots of photos of us as a family, and its part of the reason I love Instagram so much - its all about making and keeping hold of those precious memories.

I was recently contacted by Cheerz to ask if I'd like to try one of their photobooks. I love the idea of photobooks, I have made them before as gifts, but found the whole process of designing and laying them out to be tedious. So I was a bit apprehensive at first, but thought I would give them a go. I used to love going through the family photo box as a kid and Zoe loves sitting with me and looking through her baby albums. So as a bit of a birthday treat for myself I thought I would make up a book of our wedding (which was in September 2017). I have some printed ones for frames, but it actually so lovely to have a book we can all look through and remember that magical day.

I also got a few little photobooth style prints and some heart shaped magnets, they are so cute and would actually make lovely wedding favours or thank yous.

I absolutely love the look and feel of the book, you have complete control over the colour and design of the front cover, with an option for wording on the spine too, which will look so lovely on a bookshelf. The design tool is really intuitive to use and get the photos sitting nicely together. I still found it a bit of a chore to pull together but that is mostly as my own personal system for filing photos on my Mac is so bad.

There was an option to auto fill the book, which I used and then tweaked as and when I wanted, it really was so much easier than other photobook places I've used, and the designs are really modern and sleek.

I used the laptop to create mine, but they also have a really great mobile app, which can integrate with instagram too!

Cheerz have also offered readers of my blog a 20% discount on their site with the code CUPCAKE20 until the 27th August (including gift cards).

What do you do with your photos? Please tell me I am not the only one who is crap at storing them? I have about 30,000 photos on my macbook in desperate need of sorting and filling.

I received the photo book as a gift in exchange for this post, all thoughts and views are my own


  1. Hari OM
    I've done a small photo book and they are lovely to have; have also had a few images enlarged for framing or put onto 'canvas'. I am very organized with my photos. Doesn't mean I can exactly find what I want first time, because I still have to remember which month of which year certain things happened! I also am fastidious at keeping backups on a USB drive; photos are super important for memory!!! YAM xx


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