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Meal Plan Like a Boss - 17/09/18

Last week went well money-wise, as I didn't need to do any top up shops and resisted buying lunch at work. I didn't stick to the plan though as I had a couple of days of leftovers and an unplanned meal out one night.

I made this delicious tofu noodle dish on Monday, I have never cooked with Tofu before but would definitely do it again. Might blog the recipe too;

This week is another odd one, but it is the last week with Paul working away, so hoping to be back to normal the week after.

Monday Leftover Roast Chicken Risotto.

Tuesday Just me tonight, so roast veggie pasta for one, with extras for lunches the next day.

Wednesday King Prawn Ramen Bowl - experimenting a bit here, will report back if its good.

Thursday Scrambled egg on toast with avocado.

Friday Pizza - going to get one from the supermarket, not takeaway.

Saturday Just me and Zoe for dinner tonight, going to make fajitas.

Sunday Roast chicken dinner

Adding a slightly new element to this weeks meal plan, and that's a shopping list;

1. King Prawns
2. Eggs
3. A pizza - I really like aldi's own margherita (from the fridge not freezer)
4. Wraps
5. Roast Chicken
6. Veggies for roasting (peppers, courgettes, onion)
7. Avocado
8. Spring Onion
9. Fruit for snacks
10. Brown Bread
11. Milk
12. Sandwich fillings for lunches
13. Wine - necessary when solo parenting.

I have everything else I need in the cupboard/freezer already, so should be a light week.

Whats on your menu this week?


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