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Meal Plan Like a Boss - 22 July 2019

I really need to create a new meal plan image now I am vegan, that haloumi is taunting me

Oh hey! Long time no see! I am long overdue a bit of a life update around here, and it is coming - along with a buttload of posts. I must be having my annual burst of inspiration. I am also working on a little revamp/redesign of the site - which I am pretty excited about, so if you stop by and things look a little squirly - don't worry its just me messing about and tweaking.

Anyway, on with the purpose of this post - MEAL PLANNING! It has been so damn long since I meal planned and my bank balance is groaning as a result. Seriously, so many things bought ad hoc for lunch, so many meals picked up from Marks and Spencer on my way home, so many oat mik lattes every morning. I have barely even noticed my pay increase as I've been such a spending sally and it needs to stop.

I use this spending analytics tool on my banking app and last month I spent more on food than anything else, more than rent and bills! That is not OK.

I am wondering if I should set myself some sort of challenge and keep track of it on here - what do you think?

So without further ado/waffle lets get down to the business of this weeks meal plan - Everything here is vegan FYI..

Breakfast: Nut butter toast and french press coffee at work (all brought from home)
Lunch: Leftover carbonara with quorn chicken.
Dinner: Baked potato with two bean chilli and homemade guac.

Breakfast: Nut butter toast and french press coffee at work (all brought from home)
Lunch: I have a £5 voucher for the work cafe to use, and I am in meetings over lunch so will grab a sandwich and crisps.
Dinner: Left over Lasagne and salad

Breakfast: toast and coffee
Lunch: M&S plant kitchen chilli pot I have in my desk drawer but never fancy.
Dinner: Sweet potato and chickpea curry with rice.

Breakfast: toast and coffee
Lunch: Leftover curry
Dinner: Shroomdog and fried green potato tray bake

Breakfast: leftover shroomdog sandwich and coffee
Lunch: Sandwiches brought from home, or a salad - see what I fancy making the night before.
Dinner: Two bean chilli tacos, or enchiladas with salad and guac.

Whats on your plate this week? Does anyone sympathise with the spending on food issue? Tell me I am not alone.