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Our Holiday to Eyemouth 2019

We recently took a family holiday to Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders and I honestly fell a little bit in love with the place. I wanted to share a bit about our holiday and almost like a mini holiday photo diary. For those interested I am also planning some specific recommendations of places and things to do in Eyemouth, as well as a top tips for caravan holidays with kids. So if that is your thing - stay tuned.

We travelled to Eyemouth on public transport as we do not drive, it was actually super easy and much less hassle than expected. Although, LNER overbooking their trains meant we had to stand for 45 minutes in a vestibule next to a toilet - and pay £50 for the priveledge.

Thankfully it was a fairly short journey and we were soon at our destination.

Now, I must admit at this point that I have always been a bit of a snob about caravan holidays - I've never been on a UK caravan holiday and never really wanted to, but my inlaws took Zoe on one in May and she loved it, and in terms of budget - its ideal for us. Me and two friends decided to just book it and see what happens. We figured if we were together and our kids had each other to play with then its all good.

Turns out I was completely wrong and I may be a caravan holiday convert.

We checked in around 3:30pm - they were really cool with having us slightly earlier than the advertised 4pm which was great. As soon as we had dumped our bags we hopped in my friends car for a trip to Morrisons. We had done a loose meal plan for the week and made sure we had plenty of wine snacks to keep us going.

Our group had two caravans right next to each other and also overlooking the main play park on site, which was amazing! It meant we could potter about in the caravan, cook, drink coffee/wine and let the kids play. We had a stack of board games and a bluetooth speaker - what more could you wish for?

The first morning we had a lazy start then headed down to the beach. The caravan site is up on the cliffs overlooking the beach so expect lots of hills or steps up and down. The kids happily splashed and made sandcastles/dug holes for a few hours. We then grabbed some fish and chips to enjoy on the beach.

By mid afternoon we were all suitably covered in sand and pretty tired so headed back up to the caravans. We prepared dinner and played games until the kids were ready to sleep. It was quite tricky with having two caravans as it meant all of the adults couldn't sit together in the evening. Although the kids did stay up later than usual and everyone was pretty tired come 9pm.

My top find of the whole holiday was the Rialto Cafe on the main shopping street in Eyemouth. I found it through the Hungry Cow app which I checked for a laugh half expecting absolutely nothing to come up. The cafe was cosy and modern with super friendly owners/staff. They stocked Minor Figures oat milk and made amazing coffee, as well as a selection of vegan cakes, breakfasts and paninnis! I was so happy I went twice a day the whole week we were there! I became quite the regular.

Each day we visited the swimming pool in the village, the caravan site itself doesn't have a pool but the local public swimming pool is free for those staying on site (as long as you have entertainment passes). I didn't snap any pictures as its a public pool and water + phones do not mix but its got two pools, a warmer shallow little kids pool with a mini slide, and a larger pool with a diving board. It was pretty quiet most days and we spent a good couple of hours each day there.

We also booked into the mini bowling alley one evening which was upstairs from the beach front amusements. The kids absolutely loved it, as it wasn't full sizes bowling the kids found it easier and it was really cheap and cheerful. Slushies, hotdogs and ten pin bowling - what more could the kids ask for.

We also spent a lot of time in the park on site, chilling playing games and ipads, and just enjoying each others company. With a group of us it just felt so chilled, the kids played so nicely and never did the dreaded 'im bored' pass anyones lips.

On our final full day we took a big walk around the village and found the harbour (also lots of pubs we didn't know were there!). On our little wander we saw so much lovely architecture, beautiful scenary and SEALS! The seals were right up in the harbour almost performing for tourists, we spend a good 30 minutes watching them.

Our final morning, we packed up all of our stuff and went for one last breakfast at the Rialto, one last look out at the sea, and one last play in the park before heading for the train home.

I feel so relaxed and high on sea air now I am back home and we are already planning a return trip for next summer. Has anyone else been up to Eyemouth? Did we miss anything on our chilled little vacation that we must see next time?