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I Got Dressed and found my fun again.

So here we are, still in lockdown, still staring into the unknown of the future and trying to keep ourselves afloat.

I've been feeling a bit down recently, I think its just not being able to see friends and family, its getting to me. I miss affection and hugs, I miss laughing uncontrolably, I miss cocktails and eating out in nice restaurants. I miss cuddling my sister and watching movies together.

But this post isnt meant to be a downer, I did something this week that brought me some joy and I wanted to share it here for posterity.

I joined in a photo challenge on instagram, #gotdressedgang was a random fashion prompt challenge I saw on a friend's stories which was created by Pastelpunkjewellery and I decided to take part. In lockdown it is super easy to stick to your comfiest loungewear, not wear a bra, over-do it on the dry shampoo. (no judgement if this is you, this is still me 70% of the time).

This week the prompts inspired me to get dressed each morning, to try new things and take some pictures - and I have to say I absolutely loved it! The love I got on instagram boosted me, the compliments I got on work zoom calls made me smile, but most of all I felt like me again. For the first time in months I felt like me.

So here are the prompts;

1. Day one was Rainbow! I initially got dressed in some pretty plain clothes and did the school run, but when I got home I was reminded of the prompt so did a quick change. My day felt so much brighter afterwards.

1. Day two was Happy Happy! I interpreted this as things that brought me comfort and joy, so went with my Gilmore Girls tshirt from Lonerosetattoo, paired with a leopard cardigan that my best friend bought me, whenever I wear it I feel like I am getting a big warm leopard print hug from her.

1. Day three was My Colour! I was a bit stumped by this at first as I love ALL THE COLOURS but mustard is one of my OG favourites.

1. Day four was Old Favourite! I went for a classic jean short and Snag tights combo, anyone who follows me on IG will know this is an old favourite of mine. I also teamed it with my favourite tshirt from Me and You vs the world.

1. Day five was dressed up! I Decided to show off my new fancy earrings from The Pompomporium, I also went for some slightly fancier make up for the occassion.

1. Day six was No Rules! I got my tiny human in on the act today, jumping on the bed which is firmly against the rules in our house. I also threw on my new jumpsuit that I bought from an insta-friend. I do love a jumpsuit.

So there you go! My fun week of fashion and photos - I am honestly tempted to create my own little photo prompt week soon, as I loved it so much, although I am always worried they'll be a total flop (imposter syndrome alert.)

Stay Safe x