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Plus Size Levi Ribcage Jeans - A review.

Gen Z have proclaimed that skinny jeans are over, which I am sure you're about as bothered about as me (not at all). BUT I have been trying to branch out beyond the usual skinny jeans with a hint of stretch. I have also been trying to invest in some better quality things that will hopefully last longer - rather than cheap fast fashion. I also feel like Levi jeans are one of those staple wardrobe pieces that are timeless.

With all that in mind I decided to try some of the plus size range from Levis. I got some gorgeous Levi Shortalls last summer and was super impressed with the quality and fit so when I saw a few people on instagram rocking the ribcage jeans I really wanted to give them a go.

I ordered the black ones in my usual size (which according to the size chart would fit) but they were a little tight. I could get them done up, but sitting and breathing was an issue.

So I sized up to a 24 and ordered the blue and black to try, given the price I wasn't planning on keeping both BUT I also didn't expect to fall in love so hard.

I am a size 22 and have a larger waist/tummy than hips/thighs so found I needed to size up, if you are larger on bum/thighs and smaller on waist you may find them more true to size.

Up first we have the black, now these are super soft and a very dark black - not a vintage-y denim finish. So for me they are perfect for work. The black colourway feel a little looser, a little softer and more comfortable straight off the rack - I love the length and overall fit and the fact they are buttons rather than a fly zip. They were not cheap at £95 but so far I am very impressed. I am reserving comment on quality to see how they wear and wash overtime, so I will come back to add a note in a few months time.

First impressions though are that they are bloody fantastic, comfy and a quality look and feel.

As I said I wasn't expecting to keep both pairs but my god these jeans in blue were just EVERYTHING! The shade of blue, the thickness of the denim, the way they just cling to my butt in the best possible way - there was no way I wasn't keeping them. I love the fact they can be dressed up or down, they are so versatile.

The blue were a little tighter, and the fabric a little stiffer than the black, but after a bit of wear they are spot on. I have always been a little self concious of my tummy area and have only recently begun exploring tucking in tops or crop tops, and in these jeans I just feel so confident and comfortable. I got these slightly reduced at £67 and also used a 10% off student discount for both.

I thought I would show you how I have styled them so far out in the real world;

This is a classic work look for me, black jeans and a blazer. I would not normally go for a crop top but these jeans just do something to me! I felt super cute in this pink pastel vibe - I can feel this being a big summer work look for me with my lilac DMs.

This was an outfit I wore to a beer garden to meet a friend, I tied the cropped shirt up to really show off the jeans and felt adorable. I work black birkenstocks and a big fluffy coat to finish the look.

So in summary, I bloody loved them both and my bank balance did a little cry, but worth it.

I have seen these on sale this week on, so its worth shopping around to find the best deal.