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Meal Plan Like a Boss - 14th Nov 22

So, it has been a long old while since I did one of these posts (or any post tbh) but recently I have been really missing blogging as a sort of journal for myself rather than any sort of promotional thing. I also have been so utterly rubbish at meal planning and sticking it it for so long that I need the accountability of writing it down.

I think since coming out of pandemic lock downs and back into full time working and school life we just struggle to find motivation and time to think about food, and then we end up having freezer tapas or take away which we need to stop for as much health reasons as economic.

Speaking of the economy, I am also attempting to not buy lunch at work this week, lets see if I can do it!!!

So, without further ado, lets get to planning Onto this week...


Breakfast: Y Food shake - coffee
Lunch: Jacket potato with tuna and salad
Dinner: Leftover roast chicken and creamy tomato pasta bake.


Breakfast: Y Food shake - coffee
Lunch: leftover pasta bake
Dinner: Beef chilli and rice


Breakfast: Y food shake - coffee
Lunch: Potato and leek soup and bagel
Dinner:Jacket Potato and leftover chilli


Breakfast: Y food shake - coffee
Lunch: Spicy Parsnip Soup and bagel
Dinner: Pesto and mozzarella stuff chicken breasts with pasta

Friday: (working from home)

Breakfast: Eggs on toast
Lunch: I tend to have the above late morning so its a brunch day

What is everyone else eating this week? Don't forget you can grab my free PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNER over on last week's Meal Plan Like a Boss post.

What's on your meal plan this week?