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Family Farm at Whitehouse Farm.

Zoe is totally animal crazy at the moment, her favourite book is this little board book which has a different animal on each page. We read it roughly 100,000 times a day, doing the sounds for each. Although according to Zoe all animals say "quack quack". Oh and also, what sound does a giraffe make?

So with this new obsession in mind we decided to take a trip to Whitehouse Farm near Morpeth. Last weekend was Northumberland Residents Festival, where Northumberland County Council team up with lots of local attractions to offer discounts for residents of Northumberland. Now, technically I no longer live in the notorious NE61, but thankfully my Sister still does.

Whitehouse Farm were offering 2 for 1 on entry, so for two adults and an under 2 it was only £9.50. A total bargain considering all of the attractions they have on offer. On top of the animal petting and feeding type activities you expect to find on a farm, they had a free bouncy castle, trampolines and go carts, a soft play, ride on tractors, an adventure playground and plenty of outdoor space for little legs to run around in.

Zoe was absolutely in her element, she loved the petting barn, pointing at all of the different animals and saying 'quack quack'. She loved feeding the goats and watching the baby chicks, she even for to pet a giant rabbit called Larry. The feeding shed was crazy busy, with kids queueing and crying at only being able to bottle feed the lambs for 10 seconds. It was pretty brutal, so we decided not to stick around for that activity, instead checking out the birds of prey and owls.

The weather was great, it was warm enough to not need a coat although there was a lot of mud around, which made me wish we had put Zoe in wellys and waterproofs as she fell a few times, leaving her with muddy knees.

We expected it to me much busier than it was, but thankfully we caught it at the right time, leaving around 1pm as most people seemed to be arriving. We'll definitely try to go back, maybe over Easter when they have some sort of Easter Eggstravaganza going on!

I would really recommend a visit to Whitehouse Farm, there is lots to do for children of all ages.


  1. Ahhh she looks so happy! I can't wait to have kids so I can go to places like this!

  2. Hari OM
    Oh my word - truly moved from bub to toddler! What a great place... YAM xx

  3. I think I had more fun than she did! Its so great having kiddies so you can go to these places. I did Alnwick Garden Fairytale Treasure Hunt yesterday, she slept through most of it! lol

  4. We LOVE Whitehouse Farm. We usually visit every Easter but haven't this year as we just haven't had any free time! We'll hopefully visit in May x

  5. LOL you make me smile. Me and Steve used to go on dates here before we had kids x


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