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White Chocolate & Marshmallow Easter Nests - Baking with a Toddler.

I have this idyllic idea of baking with my daughter, all mini aprons and tiny wooden spoons, like something from a Cath Kidston advert.

I can tell you that at 15 months, this is simply not the reality, not even a little bit. Sadly I feel like Zoe is a little too young to understand the concept of baking. I set up all the ingredients, with mini baking equipment for Zoe, and showed her how to stir, and spoon into the cake cases... She was not the slightest bit interested, instead she acted like we were having some sort of post-lunch snack of chocolate coated rice crispies and mini eggs.

She then cried when I took them away.

All in all a bit of a fail. I think I will wait a few more months before we try again.

This is a great recipe for making with kids though, there is no actual baking involved and its safe for them to do themselves. You can pretty much add anything you like to them, from more virtuous dried fruit and nuts, to other easter sweeties and chocolate. We opted for mini marshmallows and mini eggs.

Rice Crispies
200g White Chocolate
handful of mini marshmallows
2-3 bags of mini eggs (3 eggs per nest)

Simply melt the white chocolate, I use the microwave in 20 second increments, stirring in-between, until fully melted.

I didn't weigh my rice crispies, just adding a bit at a time until the mixture was well coated but not too 'wet'.

Then mix in the marshmallows and spoon into muffin cases.

Top each cake with 3 mini eggs.

They set in 20 minutes at room temperature, or you can pop in the fridge if your littles are a bit impatient.

There you have it, a super easy and delicious easter baking activity for the whole family. I'd love to hear your experiences of baking with children/toddlers, good and bad...

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  1. Hari OM
    WARNING - reading this blog may result in drooling and weight-gain..... &*> Blessed Good Friday wishes to you!!! YAM xx


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