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Mama Style - The Motherhood of the Multifunctional Skirt (of dreams)

I don't go out very often these days, I wouldn't go as far as to say becoming a Mum means your social life ends, but your priorities certainly change, and going out and spending money on cocktails when your kid needs new shoes is just not realistic. I do still get the occasional night out, but it tends to be a couple of drinks then home by 10pm.
So, as a result of my lack of nights out, I don't tend to buy specific 'going out out' clothes anymore. I just don't get the wear out of them, and then get the guilts over wasting money on glitzy garments sitting unworn. So, the only solution is to find clothes you can dress up for a night out, but also dress down for a playdate.

My wardrobe is very much multifunctional, what I wear for work, going out and playdates with kids are pretty much the same but with different accessories and shoes.
For those who got the ever so subtle early 2000s movie reference in my post title, this skirt is like the jeans in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (not seen it? Go watch it now, I'll wait)... I swear it would suit any occasion, dressed up with heels, dressed down with a slogan tee and converse... Truley multifunctional - and bloody beautiful to boot!

Top - Simply Be £8, Skirt - Simply Be £40, Boots - Simply Be £25,

I was asked by Simply Be to try out some of their Partywear, so I decided to try something that could be dressed up, but also be worn during the day. I had seen this pink velvet skirt on Jess - On the Plus Size and fell in love, I was worried it might not look as good on me, but I am really trying to push outside of my comfort zone and channel a bit of Zoe from Dress Like a Mum, she always looks so stylish, so after a glass of Malbec or two I though "Go for it".I am go glad I did as I love this skirt, its so shimmery and soft, and fits so well. For it looking so fancy its surprisingly comfortable, with its elasticated waist and lightweight feel.

I teamed it with a black bardot top and leopard boots for a bit of a day look for a recent trip to see Olaf's Frozen Adventure (the glamour of parenthood), I felt fantastic and even got a few compliments in Tesco, which is always lovely. When I wear bright and bold clothes I start to feel a little more like my old pre-child self and it definitely gave me a huge confidence boost, even if I was just off to the pictures with my kid.

I can definitely see me wearing this skirt again, maybe a more relaxed look with a slogan tee and converse as well as possibly some heels for my work Christmas night out. This post is a bit of a huge leap out of my comfort zone so I hope you enjoyed it, if you dig this sort of post or want to see more fashion (from me or Zoe) let me know in comments? I studied fashion design at university and love clothes so much, but never really think others would be interested in what I am wearing.

Disclosure - I received the items in this post from Simply Be in exchange for this post, all opinions and thoughts are completely my own.


  1. I love this outfit on you. You look amazing. So stylish and cool.

  2. I love your style and you’re inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone too! I’m going shopping in the next couple of weeks so I’ll be looking for bolder statement colours to wear. Your blog always brings a smile to my face (J’s friend Jo) x


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