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Gift Guide for the Threenager in Your Life

It's December everybody! Which means Christmas shopping is in full swing. I have been fairly organised this year and have most of my presents bought and hidden away. However, I know not everyone is like me so you may be panicking over what to buy the people in your life. So, with that in mind, I am going to be sharing a few gift guides over the coming week.

To start us off, here is a gift guide for any threenager's in your life; or more specifically if you have a kid a bit like mine who despite my best intentions is very into pink and dolls and disney...

1. Dressing Up Outfits

We managed to get a bundle of great Disney dress up outfits second hand from a friend on Facebook, we have Anna, Rapunzel and Jesse. Zoe loves to dress up so I cannot wait to see her face on Christmas morning, and then have all the costume changes throughout the day. I paid £15 for all three, and they are like new.

2. My First Bike

My wonderful in laws are getting Zoe her first ever bike! I am pretty excited, she has seen a few friends out and about on their bikes and I know she is going to loose her tiny mind over it. This particular bike is a Townsend Bella Girls Pneumatic Tyre Bike from Halfords - £102.99.

3. Illustrated Harry Potter Book

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and I have spent most of Zoe's young life trying to get her on board with the obsession. I have partially succeeded in that she knows what HP is and has watched the first two films and we have read the first book as a bedtime story, so this is probably more a gift for me, but I can't wait to sit and read it together. I got this Illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. on Amazon for £14.

4. Lottie Doll and Accessories

Zoe is a huge doll fan, she has a couple of disney barbie-esque ones which she loves dressing and undressing. So we shopped around looking for the perfect doll, as I am not a huge fan of barbie, with her unrealistic body image. We found Lottie Doll and I loved their ethos. The dolls are a little smaller than barbie, but have more childlike body shapes and more relatable to children in their clothes and accessories. We picked up the Muddy Puddles doll with a couple of outfits, a dog, and a horse to go with it.

5. Playmobil Advent

We decided to get a toy advent calendar this year, I did plan to find a re-useable one and fill it myself, but then I stumbled onto the Playmobil ones and was totally sold! I used to love Playmobil as a kid and I think Zoe will love it too. I picked this one up reduced in Mothercare for £15.

6. Wooden Dolls House and Furniture

We really struggled to come up with a 'main' present for Zoe for Christmas, with her Birthday so close to Christmas too it was even harder. Then I saw the great range of wooden toys in Asda and we decided to go with a dolls house. We ordered this pink cottage style one, which is now sold out sadly - but they do have other styles in the range still available. The house itself was £35 and we got the bumper furniture set for £20.

7. Christmas Pyjamas

New PJs for Christmas are essential and I fell in love with these great pink festive print ones from Mothercare (they also do a Navy version if your kid isn't as into pink as mine). Although knowing me I will probably buy at least 10 different christmas themed PJs in the run up to the big day.

8. Strong Brave Smart Sweater

Last but by no means least, we absolutely LOVE this postive affirmation sweater from Mother Like No Other. I love supporting small businesses and this is one of my favourites. I love the strong powerful message on this and cannot wait to see it on Zoe.

I'd love to hear what is on your kids Christmas lists this year? What is this year's big toy?

NB This is all stuff we bought ourselves, no gifts or promotion here


  1. Hari OM
    ..ooooooohhhh.... I remember my first bike.... &*> YAM xx

  2. We've got mainly wooden toys for our 2. The three year old has a wooden clock and our 15 month old has a wooden cleaning set because he loves our dustpan and brush 😂

  3. You are heading into best parent ever award territory with these gifts! Noah would love all of these - you have gifts for a 3 year old spot on!!

  4. we got a playmobil advent this year too! I am as excited as Oscar is to open it every day


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