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Fun But Make It Fashion

Last week (15th February) I hosted a photo prompt challenge over on Instagram. The whole concept of the challenge was to have some fun with fashion, try something different, share your favourite outfits but it ended up being so much more! The lockdown situation in the UK is a little relentless, weve been in, out, in, out, shake it all about for almost a year now and finding the motivation to get up each day and get dressed is a challenge.

While I am a huge believer in women doing whatever the hell they want with their bodies, no body NEEDS make up or a fancy outfit, but that being said its funny how putting on a nice outfit can change the outlook of the whole day. Who would have thought a year ago that getting dressed would be an act of self care?

The challenge went on for 7 days and each day had a different theme, I tried to keep them as loose as possible so everyone could take part and find something in their wardrobe to fit each day.

Day One - Patterns. I love a lot of patterns and was pretty overwhlemed trying to choose what to wear for the first day! I went for this super comfortable Asos jumpsuit, which will be an absolute staple of my summer wardrobe!

Day Two - Feelin Good as Hell. I ended up loving this day the most, it was so wonderful seeing all the ways people interpreted the prompt and it really opened up some conversations about self love and confidence. I rocked my New Look plaid mini skirt, which I absolutely adore. I went through a phase of thinking I needed to stop wearing short skirts as Im approaching 35... and honestly the silly rules we place on ourselves are just wild - I love a short skirt and who cares how old I am - my legs looks incredible.

Day Three - Colour Clash! I went for a classic M&S Mustard wool coat and a bright stripe knit dress from Monki, again I feel like I panicked over choice for this one, you should see how many outfits I went through before I landed on this.

Day Four - As Seen on Screen. This was a tricky one for a lot of people and in hindsight I did feel like it maybe verged on too costume-y for me? I went for a classic Leslie Knope inspired look and it gave me a change to wear my Boden suit for the first time in forever.

Day Five - Release your inner child. I loved this one, from dressing like a playful kid, to dressing like yourself as a kid, even having your kid dress you. So many creative posts came out of this prompt. I opted for my new Lucy and Yak Easton dungarees. Dungarees always feel childlike and fun for me.

Day Six - Added Extras. All about the accessories, I definitely ended up buying some cute accessories after seeing some peoples posts!

I rocked my new Bethany Rutter earrings and some colourful nails from Mail my Mani./a>

Day Seven - Comfy Cosy Cool. All about the chill, make up free, PJ life for me on this day. I really enjoyed seeing what people felt most comfortable in.

I also got to show off my new bedding from La edoute and my Asos PJs.

I had so many lovely messages during the week and after saying how much people enjoyed having purpose and a reason to get dressed. I definitely think I will run it again with some new prompts, just trying to decide when and how often.