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Living Room Make Over - Rental Style.

We rent our home, but on a long term basis. We have always rented and it can be tough to put your stamp on a place when you're limited in what changes you can make and the walls are 70 different shades of magnolia. I have always poured my love of colour into my wardrobe, but I felt it was time that my home felt a little more like me.

We are a typical couple who have accumulated various bits of furniture over the years from relatives and friends, or cheap from local selling pages and it can sometimes be hard to justify replacing something just for aesthetic reasons, but our old TV unit was hideous and damaged and didn't really fit the space well. It was also the worst colour, and I had just had enough of looking at it to be honest.

We are usually IKEA people, but with the pandemic and IKEA's extortionate delivery prices I started looking elsewhere and found the perfect unit from Dunelm.

Next on my hitlist was the 15 year old Ikea uplighter, I feel like everyone had one of these at one point, its the classic student flat/ first home cheap lamp. I once read a joke about how if archeologists were digging up pieces of our lives in the 2000s they might mistakenly think we worshipped this Ikea lamp as it was in every home.

I was desperate for something a bit different and maybe even with a pop of colour. I spend hours googling lamps, and browsing places like Wayfair and Dunelm. I stumbled upon the one we bought through Argos in the end, I hadn't even thought to look there - assuming they wouldn't have anything decent, but they sell Habitat through argos now and it was delightfully inexpensive.

Next up; the walls. I have never in my life painted a wall, being a serial renter its just not something we've ever thought of doing. We did start to explore vinyl decals when Zoe was born, for the nursery and were really impressed with how well they went up (and how cleanly they could be removed).

I browsed pinterest for hours looking at different styles and browsed Etsy equally as long to find the right ones to get, we finally settled on these dalmation style spots. I was so pleased with how well they worked out. I got 5 sheets (265 dots) which was under £10 and that covered the wall behind the TV and the same size alcove at the other end of the room.

Finally, artwork and finishing touches. I already owned quite a few prints by Taynee Tinsley, and picked up this original artwork recently I wanted to showcase (left). The piece in the middle is by Jessica Sharville (I am also wearing a t-shirt designed by her in the pictures) and the piece on the right is from an etsy shop called Cat and Bean. I decided to use magnetic hangers and picture rail hooks to utilise the picture rail rather than put nails in the walls. I really like how they look and how easy they will be to switch out for different pieces.

I also got some fantastic cowboy cushions from Tooth and Talon, the drawings are by Harriet Heath - who I was booked in to be tattooed by in June 2020, but the stupid pandemic got in the way.