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Fat Hippo; The First Post Lockdown Meal OUT!

Pre-covid I took eating out at a restaurant for granted, it was just something we did occassionally. The choice was plentiful and it was often something spur of the moment. A spontaneous week night pub dinner with the family, a post-work bite at the local streetfood place, cheeky date night with the husband - it was just one of those things we did and never really saw as special or appreciated it as we should have.

Post-covid the idea of eating at a restaurant, where I dont need to prep or plan, shop or ensure we have ingredients for, cook and present for a set time, and then clean up after - feels on par with a spa day! The world is opening up again and this week I cautiously with mask in hand, headed to a local burger place with friends. We decided on Fat Hippo, which does the most heavenly burgers (with plentiful vegan options). We had originally booked to go to the Jesmond site, but a last minute change of time and plans saw us secure a 3pm slot at the city centre one.

The city centre restaurant is a downstairs basement place, so I was unsure how we were going to eat outside, but on arrival we saw they had squeezed a handful of seats into some on street parking spaces - its minimal and you get fairly up close and personal with some very large fancy cars during your meal - but to be out and eating something prepared by someone else - I did not care.

In giddy anticipation of heading to an actual restaurant we had scoured the menu and already knew exactly what we wanted. We all went for the Harlem Fake, which is a vegan southern fried 'chicken' patty with vegan cheese, pink onions, sriracha mayo, lettuce + chipotle ‘slaw. We got so many sides as well - the frickles anbd onion rings were a particular highlight. AND THE SAUCES! I am a big condiment girl and we got so many different sauces - heaven.

To drink I went a little overboard and got an alcoholic slushi called 'Candy Floss' which is so delicious.

I am trying really hard to be chill about being able to eat out and not just book ALL THE PLACES, but some other places I really want to try soon are; The Cookhouse in Ouseburn, Kiln in Ouseburn and The Beehive in Earsdon.

Locals; any other spots you're desperate to visit?